Management Development

“How can we ensure we have a first-class approach to management development?”
  • Situation:
  • For years, a large international corporation had followed a particular system to develop its managers. But it was not clear whether this program actually achieved its intended goals. The company wanted to know just how effective its approach to management development was.
  • Service:
  • Analyze current management development processes in terms of how well they achieve their objectives.
  • Define a new understanding of management development as an integrated process with three steps: assess, challenge, support.
  • Create clear links among effective performance evaluations, potential assessments, succession planning, and development programs.
  • Achieve a redesign of both the content and methods used in programs to develop managers and the qualification process.
  • Outcome:
  • A pool of qualified top candidates for management positions.
  • Greater learning impact and more positive feedback from management development programs.
  • A stronger contribution from the Management Development department and a better image as a result.