Personnel Development

“We don't have a dedicated personnel development program. How can we prepare our people to meet the new challenges they face?”
  • Situation:
  • An medium-sized company had never devoted much attention to systematically developing its employees. Instead, managers independently worked with their people as they saw fit, without a common focus for personnel development. But the company changed its strategic direction, and a fundamental shift in employees' and managers' skills suddenly became necessary to meet the new challenges.
  • Service:
  • Analyze the current situation with the help of workshops and interviews.
  • Develop a new overarching concept for personal development (philosophy, objectives, tools, processes) to support the company strategy.
  • Introduce objective-setting process to optimally manage employees.
  • Outcome:
  • An approach to employee management consistently focused on the company's goals.
  • Higher employee skill levels thanks to a systematic and strategic development process.
  • Personnel development established as a function that makes an important contribution to the company's success.