Team Building

“As a department manager, how can I eliminate the negative atmosphere in my team?”
  • Situation:
  • The manager of a 15-person department was concerned about how the members of his team worked together. An oppressive mood was apparent. The team members displayed a lack of trust in one another and their manager and withdrew. As a result, the team could no longer exercise its full potential and deliver the performance the company needed.
  • Service:
  • Develop a concept for a 1.5-day team-building workshop for all team members.
  • Facilitate the workshop.
  • Uncover and clarify the problems that had led to the current situation.
  • Support the group to develop trust by clarifying communication issues and conducting exercises in group dynamics.
  • Outcome:
  • A basis for trust among the employees.
  • Greater motivation and willingness to work together.
  • Better team performance (confirmed by performance evaluation).