“Our experienced managers have taken part in countless training programs. They still have development needs, but we are looking for something special that really challenges them, relates to their day-to-day experiences, and solves their problems.”
  • Situation:
  • An international consulting firm wanted to further develop its managers' leadership skills. But this target group had already participated in a number of manager trainings in the past – and achieved the intended goals. The company simply didn't think that further conventional management training was the solution.
  • Service:
  • Design and conduct a 2.5-day "coa-training" that combines coaching and training methods. In a coa-training, participants work as a team to coach one another in tackling real management situations they have faced, with "breakthrough targets" for each individual. In this way, each participant finds solutions for his or her particular challenge that can be applied immediately. The distinguishing feature of this type of program is the intense work each participant devotes to his or her own personality.
  • Outcome:
  • More effective management behavior.
  • Greater motivation.
  • Increased participant identification with their leadership roles.