Dragan Milicevic

I was born in 1973 in Langen, near Frankfurt am Main. For more than ten years I have worked in the areas of management development, training, and coaching. As a former competitive athlete (tennis, regional league), I developed an interest in performance improvement, motivation, and teamwork at an early age. I continued to pursue this passion during my studies, earning degrees in communication psychology and human resources management at Northeastern University in Boston and the London School of Economics (LSE).

My work today combines my experience in competitive sports and my professional expertise in performance-oriented corporate cultures to support companies, teams, and individuals along the path to achieving their best.

My professional knowledge is based in part on my experience as Head Trainer and Coach for McKinsey & Company, Germany. In this role, I trained and coached Germany's top managers and supported project teams working under extreme conditions to become high-performing. Before joining McKinsey, I worked in personnel development for major international corporations such as Bertelsmann AG and Beiersdorf AG for seven years.

I am a qualified management trainer, coach, and gestalt therapist. From my home base in Dusseldorf, I work with individuals, teams, and companies both throughout Germany and abroad.