Exceptional Manager

As a manager, you want two things: to get your team to perform their best and make a strong impression yourself. I can help you build your employees into a high-performing team and support you with one-on-one coaching so that you develop your full potential.

What you need

What I can offer

Working effectively as a team
  • “The team needs to complete a project within a very short timeframe and without any mistakes. This is only possible if all the members can immediately start working together. How can they quickly achieve this level of teamwork?”
Team-building workshop
  • Focus the team on common goals, define clear work processes and responsibilities, and develop a shared vision to boost motivation.
Fully tapping potential
  • “My team does good work. But I would still like to know if they are capable of more and how we could tap this potential.”
Team-building workshop
  • Identify the team's strengths and how to use them, create synergies, and develop a performance-oriented team culture.
Quickly gaining acceptance
  • “I want to hit the ground running in my new management role. How can I earn the acceptance of my team and the other stakeholders quickly?”
  • Develop ways to strategically position yourself as quickly as possible, inspire trust, and earn the acceptance of those around you.
Handling performance pressure
  • “I am under tremendous pressure to do well. Sometimes I wonder how I can hold up without burning out.”
  • Learn Free The Limbic® methods to better deal with stress and increase emotional competence.

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