Individual Performance – Coaching

When it comes to performing at our best, we usually get in our own way: we block ourselves. These situations are usually so personal and individual that one-on-one coaching – and the discretion it makes possible - is the best solution.

In the course of working with me in a coaching relationship, experts and managers learn to overcome their personal barriers and devote their energy to realizing their goals. My coaching clients often face concerns like these:

What you need

What I can offer

Handling performance pressure
  • “I am under tremendous pressure to do well. Sometimes I wonder how I can hold up without burning out.”
Stress management
  • Learn Free The Limbic® methods to better deal with stress and increase emotional competence.
Quickly gaining acceptance
  • “I want to hit the ground running in my new management role. How can I earn the acceptance of my team and the other stakeholders quickly?”
Building trust quickly
  • Develop ways to strategically position yourself as quickly as possible, inspire trust, and earn the acceptance of those around you.
Projecting self-confidence
  • “I'm an experienced manager – but I still feel uncertain when I talk with those above me in the hierarchy.”
High-impact coaching
  • Resolve fear-based blockages in a short time with Free The Limbic® methods.

» “Learn more about the revolutionary Free The Limbic® coaching method”

Overview of my coaching focus areas

  • Eliminating success-impairing and stress-based blockages with the Free The Limbic® method
  • Life coaching: life vision, goals, career, relationships
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Career advising, changing positions or roles
  • Conflict and crisis management
  • Self-management and time management
  • Work/life balance and life vision