Individual Performance – Training

In the context of your HR responsibilities, it is your job to continually develop the competence level of your company's experts and top managers. Your goal: to improve their performance. I offer training programs that teach your experts and executives how to tap their potential to better meet the challenges confronting them. Here are typical situations my clients face:

What you need

What I can offer

Individual development
  • “Our managers are already very good – so off-the-rack training is not enough. We need to address our people in an individualized way and on an equal footing.”
Process-oriented approach
  • Coa-training – a concept that combines training and coaching. Ensuring a high level of practical relevance and working with situations from participants' real-life experience makes this approach particularly effective.
Fitness for change
  • “We need a way to equip our existing managers and high potentials to meet the demands of our fast-paced business as quickly as possible.”
High-impact training
  • An approach to training that involves using fast-acting methods in particularly small groups to allow extra attention for each participant.
Trainer with perfect English
  • “We need someone to train our international managers who speaks flawless English yet still understands corporate culture in Germany.”
Manager training in English
  • International expertise and professional experience based on numerous training programs, seminars, and workshops in English. Plus a multicultural background of my own.

Overview of the training focus areas I offer

  • Leadership

- Starting off successfully as a manager – fundamentals of leadership
- Leading by objectives – performance management
- Having motivating, targeted discussions with employees
- Conducting successful performance reviews
- Peer-to-peer counseling for managers
- Presence and charisma – leadership training using horses

  • Communication

- Successful communication and persuasion
- Top-down communication – getting key points across quickly and concisely
- Emotional competence – relationship-oriented communication

  • Methods

- Self-management and time management – increasing personal effectiveness
- Moderation techniques – purposefully leading groups
- Train the trainer

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