Organisational Performance

In the context of your HR responsibilities, you strive to contribute to your company's success. Not only do you develop an outstanding group of managers for the company overall, but you find ways to help them improve their teams. I can support you in planning and implementing approaches to management development, performance management, and team building. Here are typical situations my clients face:

What you need

What I can offer

Internal candidate search
  • “We spend a lot of money on management development. But when we need to fill a critical management position, we can't find a suitable internal candidate.”
Long-term management development process
  • Identify the weak points in the existing process.
  • Design and implement a process to develop management talent.
  • The objective: the right person in the right position at the right time.
Effectiveness review
  • “It's been years since we made changes to our management development programs. After all, they get good feedback. But we're not sure if they're still state-of-the-art. We want to take a look at them and see if they really meet our needs.”
  • Analyze your management development programs in light of the skills your business needs today.
  • Measure what your company offers against the latest findings from learning research and up-to-date development programs for managers.
Working effectively as a team
  • “The team needs to complete a project within a very short timeframe and without any mistakes. This is only possible if all the members can immediately start working together. How can they quickly achieve this level of teamwork?”
Team-building workshop
  • Design and deliver a team-building workshop tailored to your needs.
  • Focus the team on common goals, define clear work processes and responsibilities, and develop a shared vision to boost motivation.

Overview of my services to increase your company's organizational performance

  • Developing and implementing approaches to introduce and optimize personnel development efforts, especially management development processes and programs
  • Developing and implementing assessment systems (performance management)
  • Designing and facilitating team-building activities