Free The Limbic®

High-Impact coaching with Free The Limbic®. Increase self-efficacy and performance – change self-defeating behavior in just a few coaching sessions.

Does this sound familiar...?

...and you've already tried everything.

  • Weak concentration – You have set aside two hours to work in peace and quiet. Finally, you are going to write up that proposal without a constant bombardment of e-mails and calls. But you simply can't ignore your Blackberry – you're afraid you'll miss something. The end of the story is all too familiar: two hours without a single quiet minute, nothing accomplished – and another late night at the office.

  • Fear of public speaking – How often have you stood in front of a crowd? Has it been 100 times, even 300? But its always the same: the hair stands on the back of your neck, you feel a lump in your throat, stomach cramps, weak knees. You know you can do it. But still…

  • Burnout – You expect a lot of yourself and always strive to achieve more. And what happens? The pressure increases, you work 80 hours or more a week, your private life suffers, and you're starting to suffer physically as well. You have the feeling that you can't live up to the expectations any more. Really, you're ready to throw in the towel…
  • Auto suggestion: “I can do it. I feel great. I'll show them all!”

  • Positive thinking: “It will all work out. I've always managed before.”

  • Reasoning: “I'm fully prepared. Nothing can go wrong.”

  • Collecting yourself: “I'll just take a deep breath and count to ten. I'll think about something else. I'll imagine something pleasant.”

  • Discipline: “I won't even think about it; I'm going to stay cool. Nothing can bother me.”

  • Tricking yourself: “I'm going to bury my Blackberry deep in my pocket. Now I'll close Lotus Notes and put in some earplugs.”
Nothing helps?

In cases like this, the problem is due to stress-based and success-impairing blockages. In other words, our own imagination gets in our way, keeping us from performing at our best.

Free The Limbic® is a new approach to coaching that draws on the latest findings in neurobiology. It works where the blockages originate – in the limbic system.

I have successfully applied Free The Limbic® in my coaching for a number of years. With this approach, clients who work under high pressure and can't deliver their best can achieve better performance in a short time. The method is so effective that it is popular not only among top managers, but with competitive athletes seeking to replicate their top achievements.

Fulfill your full potential for success now – with Free The Limbic®!